Greetings! I am New Orleans Psychic / Medium /Paranormal Investigator Cari Roy. I would like to welcome you to our website PARANORMAL NEW ORLEANS. Having long been asked  by clients to share my professional knowledge about New Orleans ghostly side and all of the cool paranormal things we have to offer, I decided to create this site. We are your  one stop for info on all things Paranormal New Orleans. All the info is free, we have no advertisers and we update the site as new info becomes available. Having spent nearly 20 years here working in the field of the paranormal as a psychic/medium, I can tell you hands down New Orleans has more dead people walking per cap than any other city that I’ve seen. I have long called it a “petri dish of the paranormal” and a “paranormal amusement park” , there is always some other wordly dimension that is operating here and you only need to know where to go and how to connect for you to have a paranormal experience. The entire city is haunted, every brick has been bled on. I have been fortunate to have been involved in many high profile paranormal investigations of some of New Orleans most haunted landmarks including French Quarter hotels and restaurants, plantations and mansions and notable local author, Anne Rice’s, exclusive Garden District properties. Because of this I have quite a list of haunted locales to help you to decide and design your own personal New Orleans paranormal experience.

Each recommendation on this site is based on first hand information. If I say it’s haunted, it’s haunted. While we may not always have a paranormal experience because sometimes the spirits are more restless than the others, I am listing only places that have been examined and found to be haunted thus upping your chances for a truly haunted encounter.  With this great selection you can stay at a haunted hotel, dine at a haunted restaurant, have cocktails at a haunted bar and top it off with a haunted tour and a psychic reading. There are so many wonderful paranormal adventures to be had here and I am so happy to be able to give the inside scoop on the best of the best. From the truly heroic to the truly gruesome, this city has a lot of tales to tell. So please join me as I introduce you to all of my favorite haunts and provide to you all of the info necessary to experience a real Paranormal New Orleans adventure like those in the know!