Locations Of Paranormal Activity

Here is a partial list that covers the usual haunts. There are exceptions and paranormal activity detection is a growing field with new areas of activity being discovered daily. Here is a list that’s a terrific place to start.

  • Hotels It seems as if every old hotel has its own resident ghost. Hotels are places where a large amount of human energy has been stored. Hotel haunts tend to be varied. Sometimes the haunting has to do with a suicide or death having taken place in the hotel. At other times, it may be that people who have worked and invested energy in the hotel that returns to “check in” on an event, a business that may have helped start
  • Taverns Emotionally charged events often occurred in taverns. Often considered “home away from home” by patrons. Ask to see whatever basement exists as this is sometimes one of the oldest parts of the building.
  • Battlefields Battlefields are places where you will encounter a number of residual hauntings.
  • Abandoned prisons Once again, areas of intense emotion or even violence are likely places to become haunted.
  • Nursing Homes and Hospitals Nursing homes and hospitals are probably the most haunted buildings and residences that there are. So many deaths occur, and so many families go through the extremes of emotions in these areas, that the energy and memory of these events remain
  • Buildings That Were Once a Hubbub of Activity Buildings hold onto energies from all that has gone inside.These might include bus stations, train stations, abandoned orphanages, and even old department stores. Many of the buildings are turned into other types of businesses, and the spirit or ghost that haunts typically belongs to the building’s previous incarnation.
  • Theaters Just about anyone who has had the experience of a little greasepaint on their faces can attest to the fact that most theaters have spirits – they often have many ghostsPay close attention to older parts of the theaters, areas where dressing rooms used to be, and also in the balcony and basement of the theater.
  • Historical Homes Homes with a long history, of course, tend to be plagued by ghosts. Haunted trailers are every bit as prevalent as archaic old mansions.  But since old homes have a long history of human activity, usually situated around a number of different families that have lived in the house, they do become haunted.

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