If you are planning on going on a ghost hunt there are some must have items to bring along. A true paranormal investigation does investigate and we have certain tools of the trade that we use to determine the more scientific aspects of a haunting. You see these items employed in every paranormal TV show and that was adopted from what we, in fact, use in the field. Each of these items are easy to come by and are absolutely essential to seeking paranormal activity.

Hand held electro magnetic frequency detectors/ magnetometers. These are used because it is believed that paranormal phenomena shifts the electro magnetic field. I have seen these things spike when a  ghostly presence enters a room and then go back to normal when they leave.

Hand held indoor/outdoor digital thermometers with probe. As with shifts in the electro magnetic field, temperatures can shift greatly. Most often temperatures drop when there is an active haunting but occasionally they will rise. Either way look for at least a 5 degree shift in a few minutes before making note.

Both a high quality recorder with an external microphone using magnetic audio tape and a digital tapeless. EVP, short for electronic voice phenomena, is all the rage in the paranormal world. You can capture some awesome messages from the otherside that you might miss during the investigation. I always suggest using 2 recorders just to make sure that it isn’t just a glich with one of the devices.

Both a 35mm w/ brand new 400 or 800 film and a digital. One of the best ways to gather evidence of a haunting, just like any other kind of investigation, is to get it on film. Again, I suggest using 2 types just to make sure that it isn’t just a glich with one of the devices.

Handheld with a tripod. Capturing paranormal phenomena moving on film is one of the most exciting experiences you can have. I once had an anomaly caught on a thermal cam that showed an orb pulsating and growing during a spirit communication and then, when the spirit left, the orb shrank back down and disappeared. Wow, the whole camera crew was speechless. I suggest using the video camera hand held during the investigation and then, whenever possible, leave the camera going for awhile on a tripod when the space is empty…of the living.

While not used in professional investigations, L-Rods or pendulums help the novices to communicate with and gather information about entities that are encountered. Not every group is going to have a medium on hand to assist in communications with spirits. For this reason, certain communication devices can work to bridge the gap.