Phenomena Associated With Hauntings

When you are seeking to experience paranormal phenomena, you must first become aware of some of the basic ways in which it presents itself in circumstances where haunting is present. Not all of this phenomena will be experienced at each haunting but be aware of them and be prepared for them because on paranormal investigations […]

Basic Paranormal Terminology

As with most professions, the field of the paranormal has it’s own language used to convey our experiences. While quite basic, here is a list,  primarily geared for hauntings, to get you started on your way.

7 Reasons Why New Orleans is America’s Most Haunted City

New Orleans is often referred to as America’s most haunted city but behind that introduction you find very few answers why. Many people toss ideas out there but few have understood the complex combination of causes. I am going to shed light on some of the reasons for so much paranormal activity concentrated in one […]